Easiest Chocolate Croissant Recipe Ever!


Ever heard of the absolutely lovely, witty and make-your-mouth-water-and-stomach-rumble blogger that is Phoodie? Chances are if you’re even remotely part of the foodie blogging society then you would have. And if you haven’t, well, I’m truly sorry I just showed you her blog because now you will be scouring it for hours, looking at the absolutely scrumptious recipes, with drool possibly dripping out of your mouth.

She is lovely. Her blog is lovely. So be lovely and go and check it out. Not that she needs a shout out from an amateur like moi!

Blushing and gushing aside, I found this recipe on her blog the other day and I have been dying to try it since. It’s the easiest recipe (I’m talking a mere 3 ingredients easy) to make the perfect Chocolate Croissant.

Chocolate Croissant’s are one of my favourite foods in the history of ever, so to find a recipe to make them so easily, well, let’s just say I was a tad excited.

No, they are not triangular. Yes, they look a touch like sausage rolls. But you know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Right!

You can see the original recipe post here.


DSC_0306Ingredients (makes 8 mini)

2 sheets store bought, rolled out, puff pastry

32 large chocolate buttons (I used 40 medium sized ones)

1 egg


1) Make your egg wash by cracking the egg into a bowl and whisking with a fork.

2) Cut both pastry sheet into 4 x 12 cm squares.

3) Brush each square on the top side with egg wash.

4) Place 4 (I did 5) choc buttons on each square and roll up.

5) Trim edges of pastry off and transfer to a baking paper lined tray.

6) Paint top of croissant with egg wash.

7) Bake in 180 degree celsius oven for about 15 minutes / until croissants are puffy and dark golden.




Well, if you could see the chocolate on the corners of my mouth or the pastry flakes splattered across my top you’d see they were good. They were damn good. They were brilliant.

How can such an easy recipe make such a deliciously flaky and crunchy shell, with such a  chocolatey and gooey centre?

These are great for a kids party. Heck, they’re great for adult parties! (No, not those kind). They’re even better to eat all by yourself (like I just might) but hey, nobody’s judging!

People say it’s too hard to bake, it takes too much time. Well it’s not always hard. And it’s not always time-consuming.

And these prove that.


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