Sonoma Bakery Cafe

Sonoma Artisan Sourdough Bakers.

That’s a name that you need to know and remember. However, once you’ve been to one of their cafes, the name and lingering taste of the lip-smacking food will be hard to forget.

Sonoma is quickly gaining a name for itself as some of the best artisan bakers in town, with even three hatted restaurants such as Peter Gillmore’s ‘Quay’ serving their scrumptious bread. It’s probably one of the best cafes in Alexandria. Big call, I know.


However, for those of us not fortunate (or wealthy enough) to sample Sonoma’s bread at the likes of Quay, Sonoma has a large array of cafes throughout Sydney, serving an equally as large variety of their breads and appetizing foods.

Even though the Sonoma Cafe in Alexandria is tucked away amidst large warehouses and factories, it was full to the brim with customers as we arrived for brunch on Sunday morning. The fact that Sonoma is practically in the middle of nowhere, away from sight on Botany Road’s busy street, and still almost full to capacity is a testament to its good food and popularity among the crowds.

Sonoma itself is set in a small warehouse, decorated with real rustic and earthy tones. Its shabby-chic and industrial design gives Sonoma that quirky and cool vibe cafe-goers avidly search for these days.

It’s easy to want to just settle on having a slice of one of Sonoma’s tantalizing delicious loaves with some jam and butter, as your eyes will wander behind the counter where rows of their vast variety of freshly baked bread will make you salivate.

However, the menu is equally as tempting. I decided on the cress, parsley and boiled egg on Sonoma’s County White Sourdough Bread ($12). It was a really clean and fresh dish, the cress and parsley a wonderful complement, the egg yolk creamy and soft, though the egg white perhaps just a bit too runny for my liking. Yet the Country White was a clear standout – delightfully golden and crunch outside, with a soft, tangy inside.


My friend chose the Bakers breakfast with tomato, fried eggs and Sonoma’s Mission Bread, and she also ordered a side of avocado ($15) – which looked stunning and according to her, tasted delicious too.


Their coffee is something pretty special too, strong and hot, just the way it’s meant to be. There is also a wide selection of delicious sounding sandwiches served on their lunch menu, with sumptuous looking pastries for an afternoon treat.

Artisan fresh bread and just plain food and cafe enthusiasts, you’re going to want to check out your nearest Sonoma cafe. You and your tastebuds will most certainly not be disappointed.

Address: 32-44 Birmingham St Alexandria, NSW 2015
Open: Monday-Sunday 7am-4pm
Call: 8338 1050

You can also find a Sonoma Cafe in Woollahra, Paddington, Glebe, Waterloo and Bondi.

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