Spaghetti with Pepe Saya Truffle Butter, Parmesan and Fried Egg

The other night I attended a Secret Foodies (surprise dining experience in Sydney and Melbourne – definitely check it out!) event as part of my internship at Eat Drink Play.

It was a truffle hunt (because here’s a fun fact: it’s truffle season!) at Kitchen by Mike (see my review here) and boy was it a delicious event. I had never in fact tasted truffle before and that’s probably because they cost roughly $60 for a truffle the size of a small stalk of broccoli. Yes, you read that right.


Anyway, huge cost factor aside, truffles are such a fragrant and beautiful fungus (the good kind, don’t worry) and are like nothing I have ever eaten before. They are quite hard to describe – probably a combination flavour of garlic, mushrooms and pepper – but even that doesn’t describe its full and unique aromas.

One of my favourite dishes from the night was Pepe Saya’s (Australian cultured butter) truffle butter. By the time the sourdough bread had run out I was literally just eating the truffle butter with a spoon, it was that delicious. In my goody bag from the night I received some of Pepe’s truffle butter and besides putting it on sourdough,  I didn’t know what to do with it apart from using it with pasta.

The original recipe actually comes from Phoodie – but I have added/changed one or two things. Mainly the use of truffle butter instead of truffle oil. Apparently truffle oil doesn’t even have any truffle in it, it’s a fake flavouring. Who knew? Stick to the real truffle butter from Pepe Saya I say!




Serves 4

320 grams spaghetti

4 tbsp truffle butter (change depending on how powerful you want it)

Salt and Pepper to season

1 and a half cups grated parmesan


1) Cook your spaghetti. Drain it. Add the truffle butter ,salt, pepper and parmesan and mix thoroughly. Place a lid on top to keep it hot.

2) Spray a frying pan with canola oil and when heated, add egg, ensuring to keep yolk in tact.

3) When the edges of egg start to go crispy, take it off, place it straight on top of a bowl of pasta.

4) Season with salt and pepper and place the additional parmesan on top.

5) Serve immediately, and toss the egg through the pasta so that the pasta’s residual heat cooks the yolk somewhat.



A simple yet seriously scrumptious dinner. I like my spaghetti very floppy and soft, but you can cook it al dente if you wish. For me, the softness of the spaghetti, mixed with the cheesiness of the parmesan and fragrant flavours of the truffle oil was just the greatest combination.

It would of course go down nicely with a glass of red (I mean, what doesn’t?) and then a mini magnum for dessert.



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