Sunday Sweets: Hummingbird Cake

This Sunday Sweets comes from Boulder Locavore and is a seriously yummy Hummingbird Cake. If the cute fairy-esque name doesn’t already have you hook, line and sinker then, well, it should. But I’ll just let you know that a Hummingbird Cake is the perfect mixture of banana and carrot cake (sans actual carrots) with a brilliant sweetness of pineapple and smooth cream-cheese frosting.



Convinced? You should be.

Don’t let the many steps below frighten you off – it’s not as hard as it looks. Or maybe you don’t think it looks hard at all, it’s probably just me! Yep, probably just me …

** Apparently this recipe is under copyright protection so I have to remove it! If you’d like to see the full recipe, click on the link below.









You know, this time I’m not going to say too much. It’s a big ask but I want YOU to make this and leave me a comment about how it turned out. Or if you’ve made it in the past let me know what you thought of it.



I will say it is oh so light (like a fairy!), sweet and moist (yet still crumbly) with a great crunch from the walnuts, which is scrumptiously complemented by the smooth and creamy frosting.

As always, it’s pretty much the perfect cake for anything! But my favourite thing to do with it? Eat it all myself in one sitting. No, I’m kidding. Sort of. I love this cake with a nice cuppa in the afternoon. Bliss!

And that … is all I will say. Even though I’ve pretty much just said as much as I usually say. Oh well – still make it and tell me how you go.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets: Hummingbird Cake

  1. Oh my gosh, I want to try this recipe now! Quick question, though. When you say to add the pineapple and the juice to the cake, do you mean the juice from the can in which the pineapples came in or the juice from crushing them? I’ve never had hummingbird cake, but I have been wanting to try it for a long, long(too long if you ask me) time and I came across a recipe some time ago that called for sunflower seeds. Seems like it could be a nice addition to this, no?

    • Well I added only half the juice from the can! But you would add all the juice if you crushed fresh pineapple :) Oh sunflower seeds would be delicious in it! So would desiccated coconut which some recipes use!

  2. Great name and ingredients. I used to make a cake with pineapple, carrot and walnuts that I loved. Pineapple is really terrific in cakes. Alas, I seem to have lost my recipe. I’m going to try this as it seems really close.

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