Mexico Food and Liquor

Last Wednesday night I ventured to Mexico Food and Liquor in Surry Hills. I’d been keen to try out this mexican tapas bar for a while because I’d heard only good reviews about it.


With a 120 seated capacity, featuring communal tables as well as the option for your own little side-bar seating that lines the back wall, the space is warm and comfortable. It’s dimly lit, with stunning Mexican artwork collaged all over the walls. You really could be sitting in a Mexican restaurant. It oozes charm, with a quirky and fun ambience.

Sitting down and looking at the menu I became quite apprehensive. I thought “oh god, everything here is so spicy!” (indicated by the three chilli symbols next to the dish). I can handle a lot of different flavours, textures and spices, but anything hot and my poor tongue can’t take it. I’ve tried to acquire the chilli tongue but alas, chilli and I were never meant to be.

Nonetheless, Mexico food and liquor still have a broad range of options sans too much chilli, many which are gluten-free too.

So, for those of you who aren’t a fan of chilli, here’s what I recommend:

The agave glazed yam, quinoa, gold beets, toasted pinenuts and queso fresco ($12) and crispy chickpea with beetroot & fennel pico and mint yoghurt ($7)


Achiote chicken with young coconut, lime, cucumber and chilli ($7)

Whilst it says chilli, this taco is not spicy at all. It had a strong burst of lime with soft undertones of coconut and a great spice flavour (but not hot) on the chicken.


From the special’s board:  a delicious beetroot and carrot dip with corn chips – forgive me, I forgot to write down the name! ($8) A beautiful dip with a quintessential flavour of taco seasoning as well as a subtle sweetness from the carrot and beet.


Also from the special’s board: patatas bravas ($8) A really generous serving of potatoes with a gorgeous mayonnaise on top, sprinkled with fresh coriander.


So if you’re looking for some authentic and delicious mexican tapas food and can take the heat, Mexico Food and Liquor is the place you definitely want to go.

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