Sunday Sweets: The Best Chocolate Log

Some of the best recipes in life are family recipes, those that have been passed down through generations. So for today’s Sunday Sweets I bring to you a recipe that was my late grandmother’s, which was passed down to my mother, who has passed it on to me. It’s one of my favourite desserts because it’s so rich and decadent and it’s the best recipe for a chocolate log I’ve ever come across (no bias here, I swear it!).

Presenting: The Best Chocolate Log. Enjoy!

*My mother has asked me to point out that she is the fabulous hand model in the photos. 



– 2 packets of chocolate ripple biscuits (or any choc biscuit)
– 300 ml pure cream
– Jar of raspberry jam
– 100ml sherry/any sweet wine
-1 flake chocolate


1. Whip the cream until light and fluffy.
2. Pour the sherry into a bowl.
3. Create a thin layer of whipped cream on a serving plate
4. Quickly dip one chocolate biscuit into the sherry.
5. Spread jam on the smooth side of the biscuit, and place the biscuit upright on the cream on the serving plate.
6. Then dip the next biscuit in the sherry and spread cream on the smooth side of the biscuit. Keep dipping and alternating between jam and cream.
7. Keep placing the biscuits back to back in two parallel lines (see picture)
8. Slather the remaining whipped cream all over the biscuits and top with crumbled flake.








With so little ingredients, the sheer decadence and flavour you get out of this chocolate log is incredible.

A smooth, rich and velvety chocolate log that will have any chocolate, cream and wine lover (the best kind of people) in food mecca. The wine completely soaks through the biscuits creating a soft, sponge texture, allowing for the taste of whatever wine you use to really shine through. The sweetness of the sherry definitely complements the richness of the chocolate, the cream adding a lovely silky finish.



Question time!

What’s your favourite family recipe?


15 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets: The Best Chocolate Log

  1. Wow, my mum used to make this dessert too! Brought back heaps of memories. I as talking with my siblings a while back about our mum’s family recipes and this one came up as a fond memeory for all of us, but also she made a killer rice pudding and a great apple crumble. Traditional, but yum!

  2. One of my friends made this dessert for a Christmas party about a year ago. I was a little blown away by the fact that it was made with biscuits! I don’t think hers had jam in it though… just the sherry with the cream, biscuits and chocolate. Very cool post… love the fact that you made this with your mother. Family recipes are always that bit extra special xx

    • I know! Once the sherry is soaked through it becomes just like a cake – it’s amazing. I’ve never tried it without jam but it gives it added sweetness ;) They really are! Thanks for reading Laura! xxx

  3. Mine would have to be something called “Peppermint Crisp Tart”. It’s a South African favourite that only has four ingredients (cream, dulce leche, coconut biscuits and peppermint crisp, which is a South African chocolate bar with crystallised peppermint in it). It has a similar simple but decadent vibe as the chocolate log in your post and no one can ever believe how easy it is to make.

  4. This is such a clever recipe and I agree – the best recipes are always the ones handed down or from friends. I treasure all of the recipes I have from my mom, who passed away this year. Many are typed on a typewriter and I just love that!

    And your mom makes a great hand model! :-)

    • The best recipes are passed down, I agree :) Oh Colleen, I’m sorry for your loss. Haha that’s so lovely though! Lots of my grandmother’s were handwritten and my mum couldn’t bare to throw them away!
      Hehe I’ll tell her ;) x

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