Crunchy Caramel Lindt Brownies

Baking for me is one massive stress reliever, so for the life of me I can not figure out why, when lately life has been just a tad (read: very) stressful, I haven’t been baking more.

Oh yes, that’s it, time. That little thing that always seems so present, but continues to somehow elude us day after day.

So, what do you do when your fingers and itchin’ for the kitchin’ but time just isn’t on your side? You get creative.


I was inspired by Phoodie’s 2 Ingredient Kit-Kat Brownie to create my own 2 ingredient brownie, but instead of using kit-kat, I used one of my favourite chocolates: crunchy caramel lindt and combined it with Donna Hay’s pre-mixed Flourless Truffle Chocolate Cake.

Ok, sue me. I was a little lazy and all I had in my pantry was Donna Hay’s pre-mixed cake, but I wanted brownies. So instead of a cake tin I used a brownie tin. It’s my kitchen, it’s totally allowed.



Donna Hay’s Flourless Truffle Chocolate Cake Mix (or any cake mix)
2 x 100g Caramel Crunch Lindt broken up

1. Follow the instructions on the cake box (make it as a cake or brownie, your choice)
2. Add the caramel crunch



For starters, Donna Hay can do no wrong and even without the caramel crunch, her chocolate cake would have been perfection on its own. It’s decadent and rich and completely moreish.

However, the addition of the caramel crunch lindt gives the mixture a gooey, sweet and a little bit of a crunchy element of surprise. Definitely worth some experimentation!

Tell me: what chocolate (or anything!) would you add into DH’s chocolate cake mixture? 

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8 thoughts on “Crunchy Caramel Lindt Brownies

  1. Wow, nice job! And I agree, that has to be one of the best lindt flavours. I wouldn’t add a pre-made chocolate bar… I’ve found that packet cakes that produce really good but rich chocolate cakes take really well to some finely grated orange rind… really quick and easy provided you like jaffa flavoured cakes :)

  2. Hello there lovely! Long time no hear! Great post, I’ve never tried a Donna Hay cake mix but now I definitely want to go out and buy a cupboard full! It’s awesome that the cake mix is adaptable enough to use as a brownie mixture… love the addition of the caramel chocolate. YUM! Hope that you are well my dear! xx

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