Rainbow Cookie Lollipops by Plateful

I love food and I love cooking. You’re probably thinking ‘Duh, Ally, that’s why you have a food blog.’ Well, yes. What you’re thinking is correct. That’s why I have a food blog to share with you the things I love to make and bake. Yet more often than not I find myself skimping out on making the things I love purely because I lack the elusive thing we humans like to call time.

BUT never fear foodies, I have the answer to all our prayers: how do we make quick and delicious meals on the run without compromising on taste? I recently came across a website called Plateful so it’s kind of my new God. Search by your favourite brands, ingredients, cuisine and also filter for any dietary issues you have and then plateful with provide you with loads of yummy and easy recipes.rainbow-lollipop-cookies copy

Of course the first thing I did was look at ingredients and choose chocolate (I wouldn’t be staying true to myself if I didn’t!) and found this awesome Rainbow Cookie Lollipops recipe. I’m a massive kid at heart still so these babies caught my attention just because they look like fun to make!

rainbow-cookies copy

495g Betty Crocker™ Rainbow Cookies Mix
1/3 cup softened butter (80g)
1 extra large egg
24 icy pole sticks

1. Pre-heat oven for 10 minutes at 180°C (160°C fan-forced oven).
2. Stir Cookie Mix, butter and egg in a large bowl until a soft dough forms. Use your hands to fully mix the dough.
3. Spoon level tablespoons of mixture onto ungreased non-stick baking trays, spacing about 5cm apart. Flatten slightly. Insert an icy pole stick 2cm into the base of each cookie. Press M&M’s (about 7 per cookie) on to the top of each cookie.
4. Bake for 13-15 minutes or until pale golden and just set. Cool on trays for 2 minutes. Cool completely on a wire rack


Deliciously moist and sweet cookies that are on a stick. Honestly, the fact that they are on a stick makes them infinitely better and I’m not sure why. Psychology, huh?! Fun for kid’s birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers or just something to whip up when you’re feeling nostalgic and want to pretend you’re a kid again.

Tell me, what do you cook when know you’re going to be on the run? 

This post was written in collaboration with General Mills. However, all the beliefs and opinions expressed in this post are written in my own words and are 100% authentic. 

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