Eating Well On the Go

As much as I love sugar, spice and all things nice, I often find myself in serious debates with the angel on my shoulder who constantly tells me that I need to eat more healthily. Most of the time I flick her off my shoulder and go hang with the devil on the other side who is my real friend and doesn’t judge my sugar addiction.

And as a serious foodie (serious because I am very serious about my food) who dines out a lot, it’s often hard to make healthy choices. Why would I actively choose to go for a garden salad when I could go for a the Pork Belly with copious amounts of crackling? Am I right? And then if I do somehow manage to eat a healthy main meal how could I ever say no to a dessert?

The struggle is real, my friends. It’s real. I’ve found that Flora has a bunch of great tips on how I (and you my friends) can eat healthily when you’re eating out or on the go.

Do you find it hard to eat healthily when you’re out?

This post was written in collaboration with Flora. However, all the beliefs and opinions expressed in this post are written in my own words and are 100% authentic. 

8 thoughts on “Eating Well On the Go

  1. Good tips! It’s so easy to go for the yummy stuff rather than choosing from a healthy/low fat/low sugar perspective when the better choice like fish is probably as equally as tasty. I’ve discovered caeser salads are delicious if you ask for the dressing on the side and skip the croutons for example :-)

  2. I don’t think you mean me, Flora. But in any case, these are tips I use! Add to these – ask for a to go container up front – most restaurant portions are double normal size at least. If it’s something you don’t think will save well, share. Often we get two appetizers and only one entree.

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