Lord Howe Island Top 5

Australia in and of itself is a stunning country full of life and diverse culture. Without being biased (OK maybe I am a little biased) Australia is pure paradise. However, for me there is one place that stands out as the ultimate paradise, and that is Lord Howe Island. I’ve only been there once before but boy was it a trip to remember.

Lord Howe Tasman Sea

Think: morning hikes with stunning scenery followed by a lazy dip in the island’s abundance of crystal clear ocean waters. Sound enticing? Of course it does! So if you live in Australia or you are thinking of taking a trip to this wonderful country (the flight isn’t that bad I swear!) then please consider a few days or a week on Lord Howe. To make the trip and figuring out what to do on Lord Howe, here are my top 5 picks.

 1. Ned’s Beach

Ned’s Beach is one of Lord Howe’s most popular beaches. Take a mere few steps into the waters and you’ll be surrounded by sea life which makes it an exciting swim for kids and adults alike. I generally don’t like fish swimming around me but it’s really quite beautiful the array of fish in Ned’s Beach. There is also snorkelling gear available for a fun underwater adventure.

2. Lord Howe Island Walking Trails

With only around 400 people on Lord Howe at any given time, this 11km long and 2km wide island is brimming with stunning walking trails. You can take an easy stroll through the Banyan forests or if you’re an experienced hiker you can try the cliff-top hikes. The Mt Gower climb is rated as one of the best hikes in the world.

Banyan trees

3. Ball’s Pyramid

If you’re a fan of diving then Ball’s Pyramid is for you. It’s the world’s tallest sea stack standing at 551 metres tall. At Ball’s Pyramid you can explore the caves or if you’re up for it head down under and have a lark with the abundance of sea critters.


4. Mt Gower

Mt Gower is Lord Howe’s highest peak and is one of Australia’s best day walks. Traversing across Mt Gower was perhaps one of the most exhilarating things I’ve done as it’s an eight hour return trek. You’ll need to go with a guide as it’s an unmarked trail. It’s challenging but completely worth it just because of the views of the island and all the spectacular wildlife you’ll encounter.

5. Admiralty Islands

Lord Howe Island

Admiralty Islands are a Lord Howe must. Take a 15 minute boat ride from the island and you’ll come face to face with a stunning group of volcanic formations as well as coral reefs and diving spots. There are around 25 diving spots in this region so it’s no wonder Aussie divers flock to this site!

Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage-listed paradise located 660km off the north coast of NSW and less than two hours’ flight from Brisbane or Sydney.

This post was written in collaboration with Destination NSW. However, all the beliefs and opinions expressed in this post are written in my own words and are 100% authentic. 

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