Winter in Europe: What to Pack

The count down is on. It is officially one month until I leave the Australian heat behind for a month of European coldness. Crazy? Perhaps. Worth it? No doubt about it.

I’ve been asked why I would choose to leave the glorious warmth of an Australian summer for the harsh fate of a Winter in Europe. I just say why not? I would never miss an opportunity to travel and whether it’s 40C heat in Oz or -10C in Europe if I am out of my comfort zone and exploring different cities and living in different cultures then I’m one happy chappy, warm or cold.

However, just so I am prepared for the coldness I am imminently facing I thought I’d put together a check list of everything I’ll need. I thought whilst I’m helping myself out, why not help out my fellow wanderlust-ers who may have a pending trip or are dreaming about a European vista. Obviously each winter is different but this is a basic guide. Happy packing!


Jumper x 3
Large coat x 1
Tshirt x 3
Thermals x 1
Shirt x 2


Underwear (depends on how many days you’re away)
Socks (depends on how many days you’re away)
Jeans x 1
Jeggings x 1
Leggings x 1
Tracksuit pants x1
Skirt x 2
Stockings x 2
Thermals x 1


Nice dress/going out outfit x 2


Ankle boots x 1
Snow boots/long boots x 1
Heel boots (for going out) x 1


Sunglasses x 1
Scarf x 2
Beanie x 1
Gloves x 1
Anorak x1

*Feature pic cred Global Grasshopper*

What have I missed? What else would you add?

10 thoughts on “Winter in Europe: What to Pack

  1. Thanks for the follow Ally! I look forward to reading about your travels and foodie experiences when you’re here in London! Let me know if you need some ideas on where to go :)
    Zoe (aka. Domestic food goddess)

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