How to Survive Long Flights

Guess what? Ok, you’ll never guess. It’s one week until I’m off to the UK, Europe and Vietnam! Are you as excited as I am!? Probably not, because all you’re thinking is “gosh darn I wish it were me!” That’s what I think whenever one of my friends jet sets off across the globe.

But before a trip, my excitement is always mixed with some serious nerves because despite having traveled quite a fair bit in my life I am still a nervous flyer. Always have been, always will be.

So, when one must be tortured to travel 24 grueling hours 35000 feet up in the air on a plane, one begrudgingly must learn to entertain one’s self and keep their anxious mind occupied by whatever means necessary.

This is how one traveler (me, duh) manages to survive 24 hours on a plane.

In-flight entertainment

When you’re so broke back home that forking out money to go see an actual movie on the big screen literally makes a gaping hole in your wallet as you claw your way to find all your silver change to pay for a ticket, being able to watch these movies free on the plane pretty much, for lack of a better word, rocks. The movies are reasonably recent with you also having a choice to watch some good old classics. It’s also a brilliant way to keep count of how many hours left till landing.

Yes, only two more movies (approx 3 hours) until we land. I can do this! Watch me go – er, watch!”

Personal play-list of songs

This was very exciting for me. Maybe a little too exciting. It was like buying your favourite songs from iTunes except they were completely free! The best part? There was an abundant list of songs from musicals guys, musicals! The only problem was having to shield my screen and selection of song choices from judging passengers.

“She’s listening to Food, Glorious Food from Oliver!? For real? Quick, quick, let’s judge her!”

Gin and tonic

My baby, my love, my everything. No, I’m not an alcoholic I swear. Wait, isn’t that what alcoholics say? It’s perfect because it’s on tap. Literally. They just keep coming. It’s like heaven. It’s also one of the greatest ways to pass time on a plane as after a couple of these babies, you’re out like a light. Or is that just me? Awkward.

Books/Card Games

This is pretty obvious but a nice fat book will occupy you for hours. My top picks that I’ve read and loved recently include: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and You by Caroline Kepnes. If you’re traveling with a friend or family then card games are a great way to pass the time. Who knows, by the end of the flight you could be a Texas Holdem champion and make some serious moola out of it!

Eating food

Food is yummy. It takes time to eat food. That is all.


After one too many gin and tonics, it is inevitable one must break the golden seal. There are two ways you can play this game.
1. See how long you can hold on until you’re literally bursting out of your seat.
2. Annoy the aisle passenger by frequently having to make them get out of their seat when you need to get out to go to the bathroom.

I’d choose option 2. But only for the fact I have a bladder like a kitten.

So these are my tips. Enjoy the flight mon amie and especially enjoy the destination. After all, it’s the best part!


*feature image by WorldofWanderlust

Do you have any tips for long haul flights?

19 thoughts on “How to Survive Long Flights

  1. I like to wear face masks (when the plane lights are off as not to spook other passengers), because the air up there really dries out your skin! Or pack a small bottle of moisturizer :) Happy travels!

  2. Haha this was hilarious- I also have a tiny bladder and it’s bad enough having to walk past the whole office every hour to go downstairs to the bathroom! But on planes it’s awful! Thankfully I’ve never had to do long haul (though I really want to travel!) but even on the three to five hour flights I’ve been on I have literally been every hour. One word: aisle seat!

    • It’s so bad!! And embarrassing haha. On long haul it’s especially bad when the person next to you is sleeping and you either a) gently wake them and ask them to move r b) climb over them and have wake up while you’re pretty much straddling them. I’d much rather do a) then risk b)!

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