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From time to time Edibles and Travels will feature sponsored posts but the content is always 100% authentic and written in the authors true opinion.

Please email burnie [dot] alexandra [at] for a media kit and all enquiries and regarding any reviews of a food product, recipe, book, restaurant or other that you would like Edibles and Travels to do.


7 thoughts on “GET IN TOUCH

  1. Hi there. I wanted to tell you about an excellent new cafe in Banksmeadow (Botany) that is getting quite a bit of press lately. Botany Bites (1641 Botany Road), is a great new cafe, serving up delicious food and excellent Campos coffee. They have an interesting menu with great choices for breakfast and lunch. Relaxed atmosphere, and very good service and value. You should check it out. Regards, Ella

  2. Helooo, i live in swedeen and I saw your recepie for ferrero rocher cheescake and it loooks sooooo delicious.. but here in sweden we dont have thickened cream (cream with gelatin) so i wonder, does it work if i use regular cream? (whipping cream without gelatin?) :)

  3. Hi, there!

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    I would like to write on “5 Popular Dishes of Australia You Must Taste” or any other suggested topic for your blog.

    It would be an honor to see my article published on your site.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jane Roberts.

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