Sunday Sweets: Easy Crepes Recipe

Hello loyal E&T foodies, lovely to see you back here for Sunday Sweets. This is a little public service announcement which will make you jump for joy (hopefully), run to the front door and shout out to the world that Edibles and Travels is back and she’s back with a bang.

As many of you can appreciate, maintaining a blog is no easy feat and other life commitments often get in the way (AKA jobs and the need for money amiright?) However, I’ve decided that for myself, and of course all you hungry readers, E&T needs some more action. So, this is me telling you that E&T will be posting more often (queue the HOORAYS!) This means more yummy recipes, restaurant reviews and travel pieces. Could anything be more exciting?

Speaking of exciting, it’s Sunday (more HOORAYS!). I don’t know about you, but I love Sunday mornings. Let’s face it, who doesn’t? Whilst most people enjoy their Sundays sleeping in and relaxing, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, baking treats and filling the house with smells of sugar and generally all things sweet. One thing I love to make on Sunday mornings are crepes. They’re so easy (once you master the art of flipping them) and are fun to garnish and experiment with different toppings.

My all time favourite is crepes with lemon, icing sugar, strawberries and a big jar of nutella. There’s really no other way to do it.

easy-crepesSo without further ado and too much more rambling, here’s the recipe. I used Nigella’s Recipe but made a few changes to it.

Ingredients (serves 2 large servings)
30 grams unsalted butter melted (plus more for frying)
150 grams plain flour
325 ml milk
large egg
2 tbsp granulated sugar
Icing sugar (for sprinkling)
2 lemons
Punnet of strawberries

1. Melt the butter into a frying pan (crepe or normal pan) and let cool a little.
2. Put the flour, milk, sugar and egg into a blender and mix until blended.Pour into a jug and stir in the melted butter (or just use a plain old whisk).
3. Heat the frying pan and pour in the batter so that the mixture covers the entire surface area of the pan. Make sure it’s a thin layer. After roughly 30 seconds, use a spatular to flip the crepe and cook for an additional 30 seconds.
4. Continue with the rest of the batter.
5. Place crepes on a plate and garnish with icing sugar, lemon, strawberries and smother with nutella**

** Optional but highly recommended


These crepes are easy to make and are light and sweet. Perfect for a Sunday morning brunch accompanied by a fruit platter or as an after dinner dessert. If you don’t want sweet crepes, just leave out the sugar but if you’re a loyal E&T follower you’ll know sugar makes my world go round so I’d highly advised keeping the sugar.

Tell me, what do you put on your crepes? What would you like to see more of on Edibles and Travels?


10 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets: Easy Crepes Recipe

  1. Sundays are pretty great! Saturdays are awesome but isn’t there something different and more relaxing about Sundays! It’s like they were meant for tasty foods and chillin’ (and a little food indulgence)!

  2. Welcome back! In South Africa where I grew up it’s traditional to eat crepes with cinnamon and sugar mixed together and a squeeze of lemon juice. Just the thought is making my mouth water.

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